What does the quality of pick depend on

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  The quality of pick is related to the efficiency of mining. Whether the producer or the user of pick, they should be able to distinguish the quality of pick, so as to bring you good benefits. Understand the quality standards for deciding the quality of pick products:
  A. Hardness of pick cone: HRC > 65;
  B. Hardness of pick rod: HRC28 - 32;
  C. Surface hardness of pick: HV > 2000;
  Special heat treatment process is adopted for the pick. The pick reaches 40-45 degrees, and the surface of the pick is basically non-oxidized.
  Pick products are produced by sparkless technology, which makes the pick more wear-resistant. To improve the wear resistance of the pick, wear-resistant electrode can be used to burn the wear-resistant electrode on the conical part, plasma spray welding on the conical part, and brazing the wear-resistant ring of cemented carbide on the conical part. Alloy head is a part of which is easily damaged. Protecting the alloy head of the pick greatly improves its service life.
  The above introduces how to judge the quality of pick. You can choose the type of pick and the manufacturer according to your needs.


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