What are the advantages of coal pick

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  1. There are many kinds and shapes, which can adapt to different working conditions. The working environment that shearers encounter is different. For example, the hardness of some coal rocks is low, so engineers need to use the same hardness pick, and vice versa, they need to use the same type of high hardness pick.
  At present, the common shapes of shearer pick are oblate and pickaxe. Among them, flat pick is suitable for cutting coal with different hardness, such as hard and viscous. The pick pick pick is more suitable for brittle coal. This greatly prolongs the service life of different picks.
  2. The equipment of the pick and the fixed pick itself is simple. In order to improve engineering efficiency, the current production of pick is very human, engineers can not only quickly install and fix it, after use, but also easily disassemble and maintain.
  3. Good abrasion resistance, more exquisite manufacturing technology, and truly achieve high quality and low price. It is understood that the material used to make pick is more in line with the environmental requirements of the construction of engineers. It not only has good wear resistance, but also ensures its quality. Moreover, in terms of price, the new type of pick has not become expensive because of its high quality.



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