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  The pick is a vulnerable part of the shearer, which is often replaced. The quality of the pick is related to the efficiency of mining. Whether the producer or the user of the pick, they should be able to distinguish the quality of the pick, so as to bring you good benefits. So how to distinguish the quality of the pick?
  In fact, the quality of the picks depends primarily on the strength, wear resistance and life of the picks. In addition to the above points, the size of the picks should be observed when purchasing. The strength depends on the quality of the cemented carbide, and the manufacturer of the cemented carbide should know whether it is the product of a large regular factory. Whether it has been heat treated, and at the same time know the heat treatment process used, and how much degree can be achieved, whether the surface is oxidized, whether the use of isothermal quenching process, etc.
  Pick products are all produced by sparkless technology, so that the pick has more wear resistance. To improve the wear resistance of the pick, wear-resistant electrode can be used to burn the wear-resistant electrode on the conical part, plasma spray welding on the conical part, and brazing the wear-resistant ring of cemented carbide on the conical part. Alloy head is the most easily damaged part in the structure of pick, so protecting the alloy head of pick greatly improves its service life.
  As for wear resistance, it depends on whether there is wear-resistant layer. Nowadays, there are usually two kinds of pick, one is wear-resistant layer, the other is wear-resistant layer. To understand the placement of the pick and the layout of the pick, if it is wear-resistant layer, we need to know the material of wear-resistant layer, know the source of the material, and choose what kind of skills to deal with the wear-resistant layer.

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